Ordering and Fulfillment

Sparkpad's production and fulfillment process allows us to provide devices completely customized with your app, if you choose, in either small or large volumes.

You can purchase any number of Sparkpad devices at any time, though the ordering process and shipping options will vary depending on whether you are placing a sample order (fewer than 50) or a volume order (more than 50). All volume orders are "made-to-order".

The key differences are summarized below:
Sample Orders
1 - 50 units
Volume Orders
More than 50 units
Online ordering Offline ordering (via purchase order)
1 week estimated delivery* 8-12 weeks estimated delivery
100% payment due with order 50% payment due with order, 50% balance on delivery
Standard UPS & FedEx shipping options Use your own freight agency or let Sparkpad handle shipping arrangements

* Please note: Due to high demand, availability for sample orders is temporarily limited. Delivery may be more than 1 week for some models. Please contact Sparkpad Sales before placing your sample order.

Also, note that while anyone may purchase an individual device, Sparkpad is not packaged, sold or supported as a "consumer" device. This means devices arrive in plain, non-branded boxes and do not include traditional paper "user manuals" or unlimited telephone technical support.

Questions? Please contact us.

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